Submersible Pumpsets

9" (225mm) Borewell Submersible Pumpset


Salient Features

  • IS 8034:2002 & IS 9283:2013 BIS certified models
  • 5-Star rated Energy efficient pumpsets Easy to dismantle & repair
  • Also available in NEMA standard mounting dimensions
  • Built-in NRV valve to reduce risk of water hammering
  • Stainless Steel casted and fabricated pumps are also available
  • Turbo series motor able to working Wide voltage range (250-415V)
  • Specially design high thickness corrugated packing to protect against damages during transportation
  • ATS start also available in Higher HP

Special Features & Identity

  • Corrosion-resistant Graded Cast Iron motor housing
  • CRNO M47 electrical sheet stamping with C6 coating for low power consumption and long life
  • Stainless steel 420 grade rotor and pump shafts
  • FG-260 graded Pump Bowl for Better performance & long-life
  • SS410/Bronze Impellers
  • Special Carbon-Teflon pad thrust bearing
  • Special designed spring action pressure equalizing diaphragm
  • Sand slinger/Oil seal for better protection of motor
  • Specially processed 3 layered (polyster+2BOPP) winding wire
  • LTB-4, Leaded Bronze bush with optimum wear resistance.
  • Special solder joint between wire and cable
  • Epoxy coated Rotor to protect stamping against corrosion
  • Dynamically balanced Impellers and Rotors
  • Specially designed key type rotor assembly with stamping locking provision
  • Hardened and Burnished Rotor sleeves
  • Hardchromed Pump sleeves for protection against wear and corrosion
  • Powder coated Forged T-bolt
  • Special magnet provision for fighting against free metal content in motor

Special Options

  • Complete body in SS Construction Special construction option for corrosive applications, including acids, pH and seawater.
  • Available with for 60Hz also

Cross Section

Structural Characteristics



Product Applications

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