CSR Projects

Duke Plasto MDCSR Projects Approved By The Board For The Financial Year 2021-22

"Social Responsibility is to make the world a better place and not just take from it"


Duke Plasto Technique Private Limited ("Company") intensely believes that company is earning and generating profit from the society and so does its responsibility of the company towards the society to give them back.

The CSR initiatives of the Company focuses on

  • Education
  • Child welfare
  • Sanitization
  • Support oldage Homes
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environment Protection
  • Rural Transformation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Disaster Response

The community focused programmes of the Company aim at bringing about positive societal change.

The Company is committed to support the nation's goal of "Plant for the Planet". The company's motto behind the initiative is to spread the awareness about the environment and create a green layer by planting the trees in Local Areas and Rural Areas. The Vision of the company is to keep the city green in upcoming years.

The Company's CSR policy and initiatives outline the vision, mission, thrust areas and key requirements as per Schedule VII read with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. These initiatives will be implemented by the Company either directly or through the charitable Organizations.

List of Projects approved For The Financial Year 2021-22

  1. Education for Girls
    1. Infrastructure Development for primary schools, anganwadi and other projects
      Infrastructure Development for primary schools, anganwadi and other projects
    2. School Education Improvement Programme for Girl Education
    3. Scholarship and Education Support
  2. Child Development
    1. To provide Food, Clothes, other life necessary things to Child
      sweter distribution school 1 sweter distribution school 2 sweter distribution school 3
    2. To provide Medical Facilities
    3. To provide skill development to the Special Children
  3. Sanitization
    1. Construction of Toilets at Public Place
      toilet blocks help 1 toilet blocks help 2 toilet blocks help 3
    2. Construction of Toilets at School and Collages
  4. Support to old age Homes
    1. To provide Food, Clothes, other life necessary things
    2. To provide Medical Facilities
      paraplegiya chair sahay 1 paraplegiya chair sahay 2
  5. Animal Welfare
    1. To provide Food to Animals - GAUSHALA
      Gaushala 1 Gaushala 2 Gaushala 3
    2. To provide Medical treatment to Aniamals
  6. Environmental Projection
    1. Project for Tree Plantation - SAFEGOURD
      tree plantation 1 tree plantation 2 tree plantation 3
    2. Using Environmental - friendly technologies
    3. Recycle for Life Initiatives
  7. Rural Transformation
    1. Sustainable Livelihoods Programme
    2. Projects for improvement of public infrastructure
    3. Promoting innovation and grassroot initiatives in the rural areas

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