Submersible Cables

Duke Green Cable

Duke Green Cable
  • For continuous use in deep well to supply power to submersible motors for the depth upto 500 mtrs.

Duke Green (International Standard)

  • TPR Based Three core flat cables with modified Poly-Elastomer Sheathed.
  • Operates in temperature ranging -40 to +95?C
  • Used 99.9% pure EC Grade copper
  • DUKE green cable with High-Life performing insulation & sheath with low water absorption rate.
  • Good weathering stability. TPR Insulated cable which is resistant to Ozone and U.V. rays.
  • It has high current carrying capacity.
  • Twin coated inner core for protection against U.V. Heat & Voltage Fluctuation
  • Double sheathed. Fully protected inner core with safety walls to prevent water penetration and heat transfer to another core.

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